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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This and That

I am not a plant, flower, grass, tree, grower...BUT I do LOVe them!
In Arizona its hard for me to grow anything..except dirt.
But I am trying..
Here is a plant I bought a few weeks ago
It is an outside one that i put in a pot.

It is called Colors of Caladium.
Its kinda thick and waxy.
She is outside on my plant cart (will show that later)
Let's hope she lives.

In Arizona we are in full monsoon swing. Which means humidity, some rain, lots of DUST storms in the evening. I do not like DUST!
Here is a pic from a few days ago..
it is taken out my front window.
I did nothing to this pic but put a black border on it.
All that "orangish" color is DUST!

Luckily most of these storms don't last too long, but if you are out and about and caught in them...
it isn't very fun!


  1. Oh wow... that orange dust storm is scary!

  2. does the dust get into your house Cyn?