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Saturday, February 9, 2013

cloudy day and swollen eye

Good morning bloggers.
I know alot of you are there are bracing for a really bad winter snow storm.
Hope you are bundled up and warm.

This is what it is like here. This is looking out my backyard towards the East.
It is a little windy and a little chilly.

This is looking towards the West. No rain yet.
Isnt it just Beautiful. Days like this just make me smile.

I plan on sewing most of the day..which will be a challenge because
I have an allergy/cold in my right eye. 

So my eye is swollen and puffy and it hurts. So sewing will be slow today. I just have so many new tucks to get sewn up and put on my ETSY shop.

Maybe I need a pirate patch LOL

Have a great day yall!


  1. Eye trouble is never good. I spent two days in the hospital last year for a silly stye that got out of hand and wouldn't stop growing. We need our eye sight so much to function. Take care of it.

  2. Take care of that eye. I'm having some issues with my right eye now too.

    Cloud pics are so pretty.


  3. Good morning, Cyn! Hope your eye is doing much better and you accomplished all of the sewing you were hoping to accomplish!

    The hexagon tuck you made with the heart is so sweet!