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Friday, February 22, 2013

We went to the zoo

I took Valentine's day off work and Hubby and I spent the day at The Wildlife World Zoo.
It is my favorite zoo in Arizona!

This is the baby giraffe. You can feed them pellets. Oh he is just adorable!!!

It was ALOT of good walking 4 hours for us to do the whole zoo.

Here is hubby by the shark tak..oh I was hiding. I know they are in a tank..but hello!

Here is me feeding he Lory birds. NOW I am not a bird person..they poop at will lol.
But this was sorta fun.
This was my absolute favorite pic!
My hubby has a way with animals. They just draw near him, and him near them.
I actually teared up!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Next of snow in arizona!!


  1. Ahhhh I love the zoo. Closest one to us is Phila and I don't like going to Phila. Some day I want to go to Nat'l Aquarium in Baltimore...if I can get someone to drive. TFS the pics Cyn they are great.


  2. I enjoy this zoo too. Love feeding the giraffes...we really need to get back soon!