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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow in The Arizona Desert

It does not happen very often, and when it does people loose their minds!
Especially us natives!

I was born in Arizona and have lived here all my life. That is 40 years.
I have only seen snow in the city a few times. While Northern Arizona in the mountains gets snow all the city folks don't.

I was leaving work last week and I knew the "weather" people said there was a chance for rain.
But..they said nothing of snow!

When I was leaving work at 4pm, this is what it looked like. These are really dark and heavy clouds filled with snow!

I got into my SUV, and I only have a 10 minute drive home. Within that time the snow was a falling.

I don't drive the freeways anymore, but this is what the one looked like right by my house!
They said people were stopping on the freeway and taking pics!
see folks loosing their minds!

These are some mountains to the east of us. Very pretty!

(photo credit abcnews15)

This is a resort near my home called Talking Stick. It is also a casino.
Look at all that beauty.

I just LOVE when God gives us a little bit more of the beauty he created for us to enjoy.


  1. Wow you guys did get snow. Pretty pics. TFS. Hope you enjoyed the snow while it lasted.


  2. LOL..... I love the humor in 'loosing their minds' over a teeny tiny bit of snow (we get oodles)...but they are quite used to "SAND STORMS"....omgoodness, I would totally loose my mind if I saw one of those, for real....ahhhhh!!


  3. It's amazing how a little snow in God's hands can make everything more beautiful. I enjoyed your post about the zoo. Even at our old age, my husband and I like to visit the zoo whenever we can.

  4. Incredible huh????
    We were watching the golf there and saw it coming and build amazing.