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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The heat is on in Arizona

Good evening bloggers... finally hit 92 today in Arizona where I live!

UGH!!! I was at work all day so I didnt have the air on in the house...but fans are a going!

I do not want summer to get here that quick!

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I HOPE we have a cooooooler Easter!

(give awat from FAAP)

I dont want to be outside and sweating...would not be Fun!

(giveaway from FAAP)

They say back down into the 80s by next week. I am A O K with that!

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Have a great evening all!


  1. Uggghhh you can keep it Cyn.
    Tooooo hot for me.


  2. Right now I could use some of your heat. Wind is blowing here with snow flurries off & on. It's not laying but temps are cold. I have bread pudding in the oven warming the homestead kitchen our furnace is getting a workout. Wonderful giveaway items. Blessings! Lara