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Thursday, September 10, 2015

First stop Cadillac Ranch and Oklahoma

We left Sunday late about 8:40 pm. I don't know why we always start driving at night lol. Are we the only ones? 

The first gas up was in Alburqueque New Mexico. And as of that night that was the furthest East I had ever been. Yes this Arizona native has not travels much.  There was excitement,and I will admit Was a little scared. Going on an 1800+ mile road tr can be intimidating.

As soon as we left hubby looked at me and said, Hey you have now been past Alburqueque.  He was right.

The first photo stop was in Texas. Cadillac Ranch. 

It was very very dry, flat, and windy! This is hubby posing for one of my many many pics. These Cadilacs are in the ground and have been for a long time. There is spray paint everywhere on them. Yes for a few minutes hubby was tagging up one. 

If you ever travel through Armarillo it would be a great place to stop.

Next state was Oklahoma. Very green, not as flat as I thought it would be. 

Lots and lots of farms. Rolling meadows of grass and COWS!  I have never seen that many cows I. My life! They seemed to be happy cows too! Just out eating and soaking up the sun.

Oklahoma was also mine and hubbies first adventure with toll roads. We don't have them back home lol. We pull up and it's one where you put money in the bucket and it counts it, once the fee is paid the light turns green and you go. After digging frantically in my purse,glove box,floor boards,hubby's pockets for change, hubby was tossing coins in and dollar bills lol I look over and there are bills just flapping in the wind, and he is saying why isn't it counting here as he is tossing more coins. Hahaha! I am laughing so hard I finally say it doesn't take dollar bills lol. He is laughing so hard  getting out to get is dollar bills. 

I honestly don't think the five cars behind us found it that funny! 


  1. Travelling is fun! The Cadillac Ranch looks interesting!! Too funny about the toll road. We have them in CA and CO but we don't use them.

  2. Did you get to paint the cars at The Cadillac Ranch? We stopped by en route to our new home in Arizona and added some things to a few of the cars and I have been wondering ever since then if someone else has painted over ours yet.

    1. Hubby painted on one of them its amazing all the paint caked on them.