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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What this Arizona Native Learned on her Trip

The Top 21 Things I learned on my Travel to the Midwest

1.I never realized Indiana was actually the Midwest. I always referred to it as back there.

2.When people say fall is in the air, I now know how that feels.

3. In the Midwest a "creek" or "spring" has water in it.

4. Traffic lights are not always hung on big metal poles.

5. Fire hydrants have large poles on top to be found in the snow.

6. Blue Jays are real birds.

7. Neighbors really do sit outside on their porches.

8. I have never seen so many people mowing lawns.

9. The trees are so full of color and life and so soft! Yes I touched!

10. A person can wear a light sweater in September.

11. A rock front yard is out of he question.

12. Neighborhoods exist without fences.

13. If the weather man says 20% chance of rain, its going to rain.

14. It was nice seeing an umbrella used for rain instead of keeping the sun off ya.

15. A traffic jam is not 2 hours sitting in traffic.

16. Correct change at a toll booth is awesome!

17. Rolling hills filled with grass and trees is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

18. The sound of locus, crickets, and frogs still does NOT appeal to me.

19. One story homes are not as popular as two story homes.

20. A barn sale really does take place in someone's barn.

21. Watching and listening to my hubby talk about childhood places he grew up, filled my heart to over flowing!


  1. So glad you had a wonderful trip! So many little things you noticed that most take for granted. Warm Blessings! ~♥Amy