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Monday, September 21, 2015

Potawatomi Zoo

I will have to admit. During our travels I had a bit of a hard time learning new words.
Being in Arizona my whole life,
I am used to certain names and that is how it goes. *sigh*

We went to ummm the zoo listed below.

and yes that is hubby in the monkey cut out. And yes I made him do it LOL.

There were some animals that I have seen before. Isn't that tortoise beautiful!
Wonder how he likes the snow. :)

And there are some I have never seen like this red panda.

This tractor hubby use to play on as a kid when he would come to this zoo.
I think that is pretty neat!

And there is me, I don't care what kind of barn it is, if I see it I gotta have a picture.

I will tell you for this Arizona native the humidity was up on this day and I was noticing it.
Didn't bother hubby at all.
Atleast there was a cool breeze which made it a million times better!

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