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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bandit and Romeo

I hope that January is bringing you many blessings.
I hope also you are keeping warm.

I have been watching on the internet 
and it seems some are seasonally warm and other are getting tons of coldness.

Sometimes here at Cynzplace I get these little visitors.

Cynzplace is a kitty home. We have 2, but when my sons girlfriend visits sometimes she
brings her puppies.

The one in the back is Romeo. He is very shy but loves being on the patio.

The front one is Bandit.  He is younger and not shy at all.

We have a doggie door that they use but he will sit in watch us 
through the door to see if we will let him in.

He also likes to steal borrow my slippers and carry through out the house.

I forget how different doggies and kitties are.

They love to go to the dog park by our house and run around and play fetch.

All though fetch does mean playing with all the other doggies at the park.


  1. Oh so cute Cyn, love dogs and cats.Blessings Francine.

  2. Ha Ha.... Bandit looks like a little bandit! ;o) And Romeo...well, he does look like a shy lil' lover. I am mostly a kitty person...but have always had dogs in my life as well... You know, I couldn't do without my Snow Dog! Yes, it's been snowing for the past several days here, and we're heading for the deep freeze tonight....tomorrow's "high" is supposed to be a balmy 0. Eeek!! (Why do I live here again??) Happy Weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin