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Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Tree

When Hubby and I took our 2 week travel to Indiana and back,
this Arizona native seen some interesting places and things.

Things that my eyes had never seen before.

One of them was this tree.

This was at a zoo in South Bend. It was huge!
I had to stand so far back just to get the whole tree in the picture.
It smelled wonderful as well.

As I was taking the picture I was imagining what if this was decorated for Christmas.
oh all the beautiful lights.
I dont normally do theme decorating but I think I would have all red bulbs on this one.
White light twinkling.

I think it would be grand.

Would you put red bulbs? Blue? All white maybe?
Either way it would look so wonderful I think!

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  1. Lovely tree, I like twinkling white.Blessings Francine.

  2. Truly a beautiful tree... I would use white lights... the old "white" lights with the golden glow...not the blue-ish new LED thingies.... And that's it... Perhaps a dusting of good old fashioned snow, but that's it... Plain n' simple.... Smiles & Simple Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Gorgeous tree and it would be just beautiful decorated for Christmas...any colored lights would be fine with me. I would have to sit out all night and admire it!