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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happenings this Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Weather is full swing summer here in Arizona.
Today high of 109.

My pool has been calling me all day, but I have been crafting.
I usually swim towards the evening when its still warm but no chance of getting sunburned.

Hubby made a yummy spaghetti bake! Yes we still use the oven in this heat!

Here are our boys, Damian and Justin watching something on Youtube. Probabaly racing or shooting.
I am so Thankful my kids get along.

and here is good ole Maggie. My wonder acrobatic kitty. My hubby thinks maybe she has some Bengal kitty in her because of the marking on her. She has spots instead of stripes. 
That would explain her wildness.
Here she was taking a break after playing fetch!
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day. Those who need prayer I lift you up to our Lord. I know alot of people are hurting and struggling right now.


  1. Plenty going on at your house despite the heat.

  2. 109 you can keep it Cyn. Love Maggies spots. They are so pretty.