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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Need a caption

Seems all I talk about is how HOT it is here. Yesterday we got up to 120!!
Yes 120

It is NOT a fun time of year for me. I do have my pool to enjoy but 120 is just too hot!


Here is a pic of Maggie. She is so funny! SO big!
Too big for her cat tower I think.

anyhow please leave a comment with what you would use as the photo caption.
I do scrapbooking so whichever one strikes my fancy LOL I will use it

Everyone enjoy your weekend.


  1. OHHHH Pleaseee!

    Yes, I'm King of the Mountain

    You talking to me??

    Look into my eyes!

    That's all I have. I was feeling bad at 107 degrees....120 is flaming.

  2. That is way too hot!


    "Does this cat tower make my butt look big?"

    Stay cool! ~*~Lisa

  3. Maggie says, "at least it's a dry heat, humidity makes my fur frizz!" We must be close, I'm in NV and suffering in this terrible heat too! I hate it! It zaps your energy, too hot to cook, don't feel much like crafting, the AC can barely keep up and turning on the cold water can actually burn you! I think yesterday they actually baked cookies in a car! I can't wait till the sun goes down!

  4. So sorry you guys haven't got an relief from the heat. I think Maggie is saying.

    "Please Mom make it cool again".

    I'm not good at that kind of thing.

    Have a good weekend Cyn.

  5. Wow that is hot!! Glad you have a pool to cool off in.

    I'm just chillin.
    What do you mean I'm too big for the tower?

  6. That is way too hot for anyone! We keep having the nastiest and severe thunder storms just about every day and so much rain. Crazy weather everywhere.

    Cut photo but I am not very clever with captions :)

  7. Hubby had a groupon...but the 1st floor is air conditioned...I never moved!

  8. Chillin'

    Lovely kittie by the way! Hugs!