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Sunday, June 9, 2013

New kitty pics

Good morning bloggers.
Hope this Sunday is going well for you.
Thought I would hop on and share some pics with you
before I head out to church.

Remember our newest kitty Maggie? 
We got her back in November.

Well here she is. She is seriously getting too big for her cat tree. Poor things she tries to lay up there but she hangs off.

I have noticed that she is very muscuar LOL, she is heavy but solid not fat.

She is also NOT a cuddler. She so wants to be in the room with you, but doesn't want to snuggle.
Here me and the kids were trying to play Yahtzee and well..she had to be in the middle 
of it all as

She really enjoyed watching the dice roll.

Hope you have a Blessed day!


  1. She is a cutie pie.

    Stay cool. Heard your heat is gonna break.


  2. Cute cat and at least she stays out of your way when working. Mine are all over me!

  3. Oh sweetie pies.
    I love when they sprawl out and say hey look at me.
    To cute.
    Woolie HUGS